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You may choose to attend two of the following five sessions.

Drug Awareness

Kim Freeman

Youth Mental Health

Bob White & Heather Albertson

Internet Safety

Brian Thomas

Science of Happiness

Rob Egger

Healthy Relationships

Alex Abarca

Bullying Prevention

Pam Orebaugh & Darrell Slocum

Navigating the Digital Age:

A Guide for Parents on Internet Safety and Social Media

As parents, we want to ensure our children stay safe while navigating the digital world. This session provides strategies for Internet safety and responsible social media use.

Learn how to

  • Set boundaries
  • Ensure privacy
  • Maintain open communication

Empower your children to make wise online choices and foster a positive digital experience.

Brian Thomas, Director of Innovation, TCSOS
Brian Thomas, Director of Innovation, TCSOS

Brian Thomas, with over 30 years of rich experience in educational technology, serves as the Director of Innovation for the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools. A proud parent of teenagers, Brian brings a unique perspective to digital safety and literacy, underpinned by a deep commitment to innovation, empathy, and design thinking.

His expertise is further enriched by partnerships with the d.school at Stanford University, where he focuses on projects that intersect technology, education, and equity. This collaboration reflects his dedication to ensuring that digital learning tools are accessible and beneficial to all students, highlighting his approach to internet safety as one that values inclusivity alongside practical strategies. Brian’s deep understanding of the digital landscape’s challenges and opportunities makes him an invaluable guide for parents seeking to navigate this terrain with their children.


Enriching our Relationships:

Alex Abarca, LCSW
Alex Abarca

Alex Abarca, LCSW has spent most of his career providing direct mental health services and managing Behavioral Health departments. Recently, he opened a private practice called Sacred Bonds Counseling & Wellness.

Mr. Abarca has served Tuolumne County since the family’s move in 2015.

His expertise lies in Trauma Informed Care with an emphasis on helping individuals and families overcome what can develop into disabling anxiety and depression.



  • What prevents us from having the best relationship we can have?
  • How do we change those patterns?
  • How do we nurture our most important relationships?

This presentation will discuss the most common pitfalls and how to best move forward towards having the “Right Fight”.

Addiction and Youth:

Why do people become addicted, how can addiction be prevented, and how do you know this is happening to your loved ones? 

In this workshop, Dr. Freeman will discuss circumstances that predispose to addiction where it is best to intervene, how to recognize signs of addiction to a variety of substances, and helpful tools and resources.

Kimberly Freeman, MD, MBA, CPE, FACEP, Paramedic

Kim Freeman began helping people as a retail sales clerk in high school, which Kim Freeman evolved into a career helping people in crisis starting with volunteering for the fire department during college summers.

She has since served as a seasonal firefighter, as an emergency medical technician, as a paramedic, as an emergency physician, as a primary care physician, as Chief Operations Officer (COO) for an Indian Health community clinic, and as an emergency medical services (EMS) medical director for ambulance companies, local EMS agencies, and a national and state park.

She is board-certified in Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical Services and currently serves our community as Tuolumne County Public Health Officer, EMS Medical Director, and 4-H volunteer. She is also the mother of four spirited children between the ages of seven and fourteen.

Bullying: What It Is and How to Help

Watching children experience the physical and emotional pain of bullying or cyber-bullying is heartbreaking. Some caregivers are unsure how to help protect children from bullying and violence. Others may not know if children are victims, bystanders or even perpetrators of harmful behaviors. This presentation will provide tips on how to navigate bullying with children in your life.

Pamela Orebaugh MSW

Pamela Orebaugh is an associate clinical social worker who joined the Tuolumne Pam OrebaughCounty Superintendent of Schools in 2022 as an Educationally Related Mental Health Services Clinician. She was born and raised in Twain Harte. She graduated from Summerville High School, earned her bachelor’s degree at UC Davis, and master’s degree at Portland State University. She has worked in social services and provided trauma-informed services for 8 years and believes in promoting resilience, safety, and empowerment for all youth. She enjoys reading, baking, traveling, and spoiling her cat, Kylo.

Darrell Slocum Darrell Slocum

Sonora Area Foundation CEO Darrell Slocum will introduce this session and share a personal story.



  • What prevents us from having the best relationship we can have?
  • How do we change those patterns?
  • How do we nurture our most important relationships?

This presentation will discuss the most common pitfalls and how to best move forward towards having the “Right Fight”.

Science of Happiness:

Discover a path to improved mental health where we explore the science of happiness through the principles of gratitude, positive relationships, mindfulness, others-orientedness, and exercise.

Gain a deeper understanding of their positive influence on mental well-being and discover practical strategies to integrate these practices into daily life.

Rob Egger

Rob Egger is an educator who has worked for the past 30 years in Tuolumne County as Rob Eggera teacher, lecturer, and administrator. He has taught education courses as a lecturer at California State University, Stanislaus and as an instructor at Columbia College.

Rob is currently the Director of Grant Programs at the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools where he oversees mental health, social emotional learning, and the School Attendance Review Board.

Youth Mental Health Awareness

Bob White

Bob White is the Prevention Programs/YES Partnership Director at ATCAA. The YES Bob WhitePartnership is a community-wide coalition founded in 1986 as a result of several teen suicides in Tuolumne County. The YES Partnership’s mission is to support Tuolumne County youth and families, promote resilience and prevent suicide, substance use, and child abuse. Bob has deep roots in Tuolumne County and is passionate about prevention work and elevating the youth voice to strengthen the community.

Heather Albertson

Heather has worked within the Child Support, Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and Heather AlbertsonEducation Systems, and in private practice. Heather uses a trauma informed, humanistic approach to partner with her clients to empower them to become their best selves.

Heather is currently the School Site Therapist for Sonora Union High School District and provides Mental Health Services to students.


Parents and trusted adults play a critical role in providing the safe, stable, nurturing environments, and relationships youth need to thrive.

Learn how to engage with youth on mental health topics, help them become more resilient, and address emerging mental health challenges.